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Poseidon Pro
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In The Box
  • Poseidon Pro
  • USB-C Cable
  • Cable Managing Strap
  • 5-in-1 Carabiner Pro
* Black Poseidon Pros will Ship End of Nov.


Through Hell and Back
For the past five years, Poseidon has built a reputation for being the best portable charger on the market. It’s time that this well-seasoned warrior gets an upgrade.
Harnessing The Elements
Poseidon has been a lifesaving tool for both the novice and the experienced. now With the new advanced improvements only the worthy can wield its power.
Power Pulse - through tech enhancements, Poseidon pro now has the key to unlock its true potential. Utilizing a usb-c to usb-c cable, you can improve charge times up to two & half times faster.*
Mobile Phones
Cheap Chargers
1.0x Faster
1.5x Faster
Poseidon Pro
2.5x Faster
Cheap Chargers
0.0x Faster
0.5x Faster
Poseidon Pro
1.5x Faster
Power Dynamo - how do you add more energy while keeping it the same size and weight?
Magic, or close to it. our engineers worked hard to add hundreds more milliamps to an already power packed battery. this addition could add hours of life to your mobile devices.
Mobile Phone
HRS of Power
Mobile GPS
HRS of Power
HRS of Power
HRS of Power
Nearly Immortal
this is the last charger you will ever need. cutting-edge engineering has made poseidon pro a battery with the best enduring life.
gen 1 poseidon completed its five year trial and retained 60% of its life.
A Utility Belt?
packing more hardware than your favorite hero from gotham, poseidon pro received a huge gear update.
It now comes with a ballistic fiber reinforced usb-c cable, a durable cable managing strap, and the 5-in-1 carabiner pro.
ballistic fiber reinforced usb-c cable - this 3ft (1m) cable comes with multiple levels of reinforcement.
weak points in the neck and head have been armored ensuring the cable’s life and reliability.
durable cable managing strap - an upgraded strap assists in managing the 3ft (1m) cable.
strong snaps/buttons keep the cable secure and close to your device.
Carabiner Pro - no longer is this accessory just a carabiner. it is now a utilizable tool.
Built into its strong, all-steel design are five tools:
1. knife
2. bottle opener
3. glass breaker
4. dual-head screwdriver
5. locking carabiner
submersible - the capability to be completly underwater for 45+ minutes is an ability only one charger holds, this one.

Certified ip68, the highest water and dustproof rating available, provides you with power in most water enviroments.
armored - a steel-like polymer is used to construct these shells. it has taken falls from 75+ ft on to rock, a blast from a shotgun, an explosion from one pound of tannerite, & the crushing force of 1,000+ lb. the list goes on. need we say more?
5 years of validation
Dark Energy products have been used and trusted by the toughest professionals in a wide range of locations and scenarios.

no other charger has proven itself like poseidon.
4.7 stars - based on 67 reviews
Steve J.
absolutly love these plasma lighters they have pulled me out of some pretty risky spots over the past hunt. thanks guys and keep making amazing products.
Jen M.
I loved the qualtiy of this product I am a little disappointed that mine came opened already?