Plasma Lighter
Plasma Lighter

Plasma Lighter

Dual-Arc Plasma Beam • Windproof • USB Rechargeable • Flashlight & Strobe • Water-resistant

in the box: Plasma Lighter • lanyard • Micro-USB Cable

Product Info
with the top cap shut and locked the device is weather resistant.
powerful dual-arc plasma emitters produce a windproof solution to lighting a fire.
as a secondary feature the lighter also comes with a powerful built in flashlight and strobe.
4.7 stars - based on 67 reviews
Steve J.
absolutly love these plasma lighters they have pulled me out of some pretty risky spots over the past hunt. thanks guys and keep making amazing products.
Jen M.
I loved the qualtiy of this product I am a little disappointed that mine came opened already?

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Michael Alms
way cool item

I bought two Dark Energy lighters due to a review in "America Rifleman" where it was promoted as a fire-starter but I wanted a wind-proof cigar ligher and it has proven to be that, big time. I've no idea how long it will last having a rechargable battery with a limited lifespan but after about two months I really like it. And the flashlight is really brite. It's a bit bigger than a "Bic", but easily carried and worth having in my pocket. I've not yet used it to start a fire but I'm sre it will succeed.

Paul Boyce
Fire Starter

Met my expectations. I’m concerned that eventually I will loose track of the charger cord. I would encourage the designers to come up with a scheme to keep the unit and the cord together, or find a way to charge without a separate cord.

H Bomb
Lights my Pipe + My Life

Great little lighter! Lights my pipe tobacco, which is pretty unusual. It's because of the 4 arcs that intersect making a really hot spot to catch the pipe on fire. Also it pleasantly sticksout a bit, which can be set into my pipe.

I'm very happy with it. + cool design!

Robert P
Cool gadget

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to use the lighter a lot because of a burn ban due to drought conditions here in Texas. I did test out the lighter on a small fire and it lit right up. This should come in handy when I’m able to burn again. The flashlight is a convenient feature that I’ve used several times already. This product is a great idea and I also bought one as a gift for a family member.

Michael Alms
I like

I bought the plasma lighter looking for an efficient cigar lighter, turbo flame lighters always crap out. The plasma lighter has so far been a wind-proof cigar lighter and, being just a bit bigger than a Bic, it's easy to carry.
My real question is how durable, long-lived will it be as an everyday lighter. Due to my experience so far I believe it will make a great fire-starter. I like it.
The flashlight function is a valuable bonus...