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Products & Warranty
Does the Poseidon Have a Warranty?
Yes, the Dark Energy Poseidon comes with a limited two year warranty. Please view warranty page to register or to view additional information. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
How long does the poseidon hold a charge?
The Poseidon will hold 60-85% of its charge even after years of lying idle.
I don't get a full charge on my device?
The Poseidon has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh. Some devices require more than 10,000 mAh to achieve a full charge. For example, the iPad Pro charges up to 50-60% from a full Poseidon charge.
What are the poseidon's specs?
Size: 6 in. X 3.25 in. X 0.63 in.
Weight: 9.6oz (272.16 grams)
Operating Temperatures: -4˚F to 140˚F
Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh
What type of charging cables do you provide?
Currently Dark Energy supplies Micro-USB, Apple certified Lightning, and 2.0 USB-C cables in our survival cable design.
How long are your survival cables?
Each of our three different types come only in a two foot option right now.
Can I take a poseidon on an airplane?
Yes, it is safe to bring the Poseidon in carry-on luggage, but some airlines have had issues with the Poseidon in checked luggage. (See specific airline regulations for further info.)
What can the poseidon charge?
The Poseidon can charge nearly all USB compatiable devices. The Poseidon has charged everything from phones to computers.
How long to recharge the poseidon?
This depends heavily on the AC adapter and your power output.
The Poseidon usally takes 5-12 hours to recharge.
How long does the poseidon last?
The Poseidon has been rated at 500+ cycles. (cycle = Fully charged to completely dead.)
How do I use all the features on the poseidon?
Please go to the link below and view all videos on how to properly operate the Dark Energy Poseidon.
Click Here
How does the Poseidon do in the cold?
The Poseidon does extremely well in the cold compared to our competitors. We suggest that for optimal charging you use it in temperatures between -4º to 140º. The device has been used in temperatures far more extreme but we can't guarantee optimal charging.
What type of heads are on dark energy cables?
USB-A -> Micro USB
USB-A -> Apple Lightning
Do your survival cables come with a warranty?
Yes, the Dark Energy Survival Cables come with a limited two year warranty like our Poseidons.
How much paracord is on the survival cables?
Both cables come with roughly 20' of 550 lb certified paracord.
Black color cables come with about 18' (5.49 m).
Camo/Orange cables come with two sets of about 9' (2.74 m).
Shipping & Orders
Where can Dark Energy Ship?
Dark Energy can ship any where in the world, some international shipping fees and charges my apply.
It has been over 5 days & I still don't have my order?
Depending on the product and SKU you have ordered, it may be on back order. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but your order is on its way.
How do I order in larger quantities?
For orders larger than 100 units please reach out to us at:
How long does it take to ship?
On average, continental USA orders should arrive 2-5 days after the order was placed. International orders can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, plus additional time for foreign couriers.
What shipping options do you provide?
We provide two shipping options via our website. The shipping costs may vary due to distance and whether it is international or not.
1. Standard shipping - usally $9.99
2. Overnight shipping - usally $29.99
How do I cancel or refund an order?
Canceling an order is very difficult for us due to the speed and efficiency of our fulfillment department. To refund an order please reach out to us at Full refunds are dependant on product condition and some restocking and shipping fees may apply.
Retail & Store Locations
How do I become a Dark Energy Retailer?
If you would like to become a Dark Energy retailer (either e-tail or regular retail) please click the link- BECOME A RETAILER
I am a retailer how do I reorder?
Contact us at
Does Dark Energy supply retail displays?
Yes we do. We have various types of POP displays to help you better sell in your retail locations. Below are links to assist you in your display needs.
Where can Dark Energy Ship?
Dark Energy can ship any where in the world, some international shipping fees and charges my apply.
Where is Dark Energy Located?
Dark Energy corporate offices are located in Utah, USA. We currently do not have any retail locations of our own, but we are located in third party retail chains across the country. CLICK HERE TO VIEW STORES
If you couldn't find an answer to your question please reach out to us.