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The Rambo
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Ordinary charging cables are weak and flimsy. paracord Survival Cables use patented technologies to strengthen & extend its life.
Weak plug heads can break off in devices. A cut or fray along the length of a cable can render it useless. Moisture & dust can coat contact points & cause wear in a device.
all these issues are resolved by the paracord survival cable.
steel sheath & weatherproof cap - running the entire length of the cable is a full steel weave. Adding the needed protection from cuts and fraying.

at each tip is a tight fitting cap which assists in repelling damaging dust and moisture.
steel heads & strong neck - a steel armament protects the cable’s fragile heads & reinforces the tips. This ensures there will be no unwanted breakage.

added bracing on the necks strengthens against breakng at pivot points.
550 certified paracord - tightly braided around the already armored cable is 20 ft (6 m) of high-grade paracord.

Cutting the paracord can provide 20ft of life-saving rope in emergency scenarios.
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Works on:
Iphone 4s-11Pro Max
Ipad 5th-7th Gen
Ipad Air 1st-3rd Gen
Ipad Mini 1st-5th Gen
Ipad Pro 1st Gen
Ipod 5th-7th Gen
Works on:
Newer Android
Phones & Tablets
Google Pixel 1-4
Ipad Pro Gen 2
Works on:
Older Android Phones
Tablets & Some Smaller Devices
Portable GPS
Bluetooth Headphones
4.7 stars - based on 67 reviews
Steve J.
absolutly love these plasma lighters they have pulled me out of some pretty risky spots over the past hunt. thanks guys and keep making amazing products.
Jen M.
I loved the qualtiy of this product I am a little disappointed that mine came opened already?