Mavrik guide lights

Alternating Red & Green

When first plugged in, the lights will alternate red and green for 1-2 seconds then turn a solid red.


This means it's receiving the full 18w and is ready to charge.

Solid Red light

This means the device is in idle mode and ready to charge.


Solid green light

After placing a device on the pad, the solid red light will change to a solid green light.


This means Mavrik Pad is charging the device.


Alternating red & Green (ongoing)

alternating red & green lights lasting longer than 2-3 sec.

This means Mavrik Pad is ready to charge but is not getting the full 18w.

Blinking red & Green Lights

the red & green lights blink together and are not alternating.

This means it is unable to charge the device.


potential issues:

distance between device and pad is too great.

Mavrik Pad is too hot.

there is a metal object disrupting the charging.


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