is Wireless
Charging right
for me?

wireless charging is a relativly new method of recharging consumer electronics. this method utilizes a magnetic field and two copper coils to transfer an electrical charge from one source to another.

The Requirement of this technology is devices must be close together.

as space or material increases between the two coils, recharging becomes more inefficient.
keep them close!

Wireless Power Close

The best - cases with built-in magsafe®. A safe option - cases under 4mm thick.

Best Cases


Avoid these:

  • thick cases (5 mm and up) like otterbox® and lifeproof®.
  • credit card cases*
  • Popsockets® or attachable phone accessories.
  • Cases that have metal components. metal disrupts the charging field.

*Mavrik Pad has built-in magnets which can affect sensitive items like credit cards.

Poor Cases

Not For You?