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The Weapon of Poseidon
tridyn is the perfect armament to poseidon pro. harness the pro’s true power. expand charging capabilites by using tridyn’s three-pronged adapters.
3-Headed Beast - With so many devices out there, and each requiring their own cable, one can easily get frustrated.
The three-in-one design of tridyn provides charging for nearly all usb rechargeable devices. capable of charging past and present android devices, as well as MFI certified for apple devices.
charge all devices with just one cable.
Ballistic Reinforcement
like the weapons forged on mt. olympus, this cable is enhanced with multiple levels of reinforcement. this armoring fortifies tridyn from the weakpoints that are prevalent in average cables.
Armor-Flex ™ - most internal cables just have the necessary items to ensure it works, but tridyn has four levels of added protection.
Pivot Protec™ - fraying and stripping at the point where the head meets the cable is usually a point of failure. Tridyn’s pivot protec™ technology extends the life of the neck to over 20,000 bends.
Works on
Apple & Android