Poseidon, a durable portable charger for the outdoors

Destruction-Tested Charger + Light

This multipurpose portable charger caters specifically to the hunter. Drop-proof and waterproof construction protect against harsh environments. A powerful built-in LED light, complete with SOS signaling capability, provides safety and hunting functionality, while the nylon strap and carabiner allow the hunter to hang the Poseidon on a pack or in a tent. Covered in Realtree camo, the Poseidon equips hunters with a tool to improve their hunt.

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Insanely Durable

Our team meticulously analyzed every aspect of the Poseidon to ensure the device met Dark Energy’s “destruction tested” standard. The Poseidon was engineered to be both chemically and structurally sealed, making it waterproof inside and out. It meets the military standard for drop-testing making it virtually indestructible.

waterproof and shockproof

Destruction Tested

At Dark Energy we take our destruction-tested claims extremely seriously. We ran water tests, drop tests, crush tests, and bullet tests. See the results for yourself.

Completely Portable

 This portable charger was designed to be both compact and strong. The thin, small, and virtually indestructible design allows the hunter to carry enough power while keeping their pack light and spacious.

Thin, small portable charger

Unmatched Power

With its 10000 mah internal battery, the Poseidon provides a user with an enormous amount of power. To harness this power our team developed a new circuit board architecture to control the energy and reduce the stand-by drain on the battery.  As a result this portable charger is both highly efficient and always reliable.




portable charger for trail cameras


Real tree portable charger for rangefinder for hunters

Powerful Light

A built-in flashlight and lantern, complete with SOS signaling capability, provides safety and lighting.  With a high-quality LED bulb, this charger + light combination is the perfect hunting companion.


Realtree camo portable charger for hunters