power to the pros
Poseidon Pro is a portable charger built to meet the extreme demands of pros like you.
Favored by the special forces, fbi, dea, and army for its long life, durability, and extreme power.
In The Box
ballistic fiber reinforced usb-c cable - this 3ft (1m) cable comes with multiple levels of reinforcement.
weak points in the neck and head have been armored ensuring the cable’s life and reliability.
durable cable managing strap - an upgraded strap assists in managing the 3ft (1m) cable.
strong snaps/buttons keep the cable secure and close to your device.
Carabiner Pro - no longer is this accessory just a carabiner. it is now a utilizable tool.
Built into its strong, all-steel design are five tools:
1. knife
2. bottle opener
3. glass breaker
4. dual-head screwdriver
5. locking carabiner
More about Poseidon Pro
with new tech enhancements and versatile accessories, the pro transcends the expectations of an average charger.

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