Dark Energy Pro Jared Bloomgren

Tactics for Hunting Spring Turkey with a Bow

Zac Griffith Dark Energy

Zac Griffith – Elite

Aron Snyder Dark Energy

Aron Snyder – Elite

Joe Dark Energy

Joe Sanchez – Pro Staff

Kaili Detmer Dark Energy

Kaili Detmer – Pro Staff

Santino Dark Energy Dark Energy

Santino Castellanos – Pro Staff

Chrisondra Pro Staff Dark Energy

Chrisondra Castellanos – Pro Staff

Tim Burnett Dark Energy Pro Staff

Tim Burnett – Elite

Jordan Davey Dark Energy

Jordan Davey – Pro Staff

From Alaska to Florida, Willi Schmidt has deep apreciation for hunting and excels at it.

Willi Schmidt – Elite

Hunting stories dark energy

Tony Abbott – Elite

unbreakable portable charger

Now THAT’S Destruction Tested

Jared Bloomgren Pro Staff Dark Energy

Jared Bloomgren – Pro Staff

Steven Shierling – Pro Staff

Bryan Anderson – Pro Staff

Tips for hunters trying to track deer using technology

Tips for Tracking That Wounded Deer

hunter gary cooper is pro staff for Dark Energy

Gary Cooper- Pro Staff

Dark Energy hunting pro-staff Kami Cooper Hunter

Kami Cooper – Pro Staff

Pro Staff Henry Ferguson

Henry Ferguson – Pro Staff

Dark Energy hunting Pro Staff Cole Van Winkle

Cole Van Winkle – Pro Staff

Grizzly Bear attacks hunter

Grizzly Bear Attacks Idaho Hunter

Matthew Eastman Pro Staff

Matthew Eastman – Pro Staff

Butch Porter Dark Energy Pro Staff

Butch Porter – Pro Staff

Pro Staff Doug Clevenger hunting a wild turkey

Doug Clevenger – Pro Staff

Chuck Pro Staff for Dark Energy with his hunting buck

Chuck Mitchell – Pro Staff

Elk at Yellowstone

Elk Attacks Cars in Yellowstone

My First Bear Hunt

kyle stapleton turkey

A Turkey Hunt You Won’t Forget

Giraffe hunting in africa

Anti-Hunters Have Found Their Next Target: Sabrina Corgatelli

Dark Energy Hunter Pro Staff Kyle in Camo hunting both duck and deer.

Kyle Stapleton – Pro Staff

Black Bear Attacks Boy

Desperate Father Jumps Bear, Saves Son’s Life

Start Now To Make Your Hunt A Success This Fall

Florida Black Bear Dark Energy

Florida Bear Hunt Leads to Outcry from Humane Society

My First Buck

hunter holds up his first deer from hunt with dad

The Best Hunt

Hunter with dog on a bear hunt

A Bear of a Hunt

Deer hunting with Dark Energy

Resting My Rifle Over My Dad’s Back

Woman Hunter Dark Energy

Number of Female Hunters Continues to Rise

Hunting Dark Energy

6 Things Anti-Hunters Say (And Why They’re Wrong)

Logan Bow Hunt

Logan Beckstrand – Pro Staff

Josh Dark Energy

Josh Eiden – Pro Staff

Ted Hunting Ram

Ted Schnack Jr. – Pro Staff

Elk Beer Dark Energy

Beer-Braised Elk Chuck Roast with Onions

Javelina Dark Energy

The Desert Javelina Bow Hunt

Sage Grouse Dark Energy

BLM Plan to Save Sage Grouse Could Mean Big Changes For Western Hunters

Mountain Lion Dark Energy

Taking Down a Lion with a Wooden Bow and Arrow

Bow Hunter Dark Energy

Hope and Promise

Bow Hunter Dark Energy

5 Ways to Increase Arrow Penetration

8 Mistakes Rookie Coyote Hunters Make

Three Things Every Deer Hunter Should Do Right Now

Elk Hunt

The Ideal Bow and Arrow Setup For Elk

Elk Potroast

Dutch Oven Elk Pot Roast

Why Hunt?

Hipster Hunter

Hipster Hunters?

How To Fill Your Turkey Tag in 5 Days

10 Bowhunting Sins

10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Finding More Shed Antlers

hunting trophy story

6 Facts About Elk You Probably Didn’t Know

header explaining article as 9 Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

9 Turkey Hunting Tips To Harvest That Spring Gobbler

Dark Energy – A Hunting Technology Company

How to Dress and Clean Your Gobbler

Bull Deer Dark Energy

10 Tips for the 2015 Deer Hunt

Dark Energy Poseidon passes 79K on Kickstarter – Getting National Attention

Tips to Preparing and Cooking Venison

OUR Rescue